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About Me


My Background

Jennifer Liu is a professional concept artist, animator and illustrator. She has achieved a variety of experiences in those practices and always up to jump on interesting and fantastic projects.


My Medium

I use many different mediums, such as acrylics, watercolour and digital paint. Depend on different ideas and its' concept, i would like to use multiple mediums to achieve the best result for the artworks. I am also good in various drawing software and animation software, including Adobe series (Ps,Id,Ai,Ae,Pr,Fs), SAI. procreate, paintstorm, and 3ds Max.


My Inspiration

Most time, I got my inspiration from my dream when I sleeping. I believe brain have it own way to record and save all the memories deep inside of it, even we cannot remember it. Our brain will show these memories to us again in the dream and add more stories and imagination based on your personal experiences. In this case, you will find a completely different direction of your artwork compare with your daily idea.


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